Events space

The Basmane has developed a specialized service through its events space dedicated to companies and particulars who want to organise events such as incentive for staff, products launch, weddings, and so on. Three marvelous lounges with names as famous as Marrakech, Essaouira and Fez and with various capacities, are well prepared for such events and will give, thanks to their sumptuous decoration, to your private receptions, that special touch proper to the greatest galas. Many events were held at The Basmane and established its fame as the most appropriate space for all your private ceremonies.

Marrakesh Lounge

The Marrakesh lounge has a capacity of 70 persons. With its warm and enveloping colours, it evokes the world famous city of Marrakech, the bewitching, with its ochre rampart, its shadowy ryads, its soft way of living and the good mood of its citizens. It’s a masterpiece of traditional architecture celebrating the richess of Moroccan handicraft in its sumptuous expression, embellished marble beams, finely embroidered wood and Multi-colored mosaics, all in warm shades. The Basmane, an over lasting wonder for eyes and palate in a fairytale palace, promise of a delighting rediscovery of oneself.

Essaouira Lounge

The Essaouira lounge has a capacity of 50 persons. With a dominance of blue colour, it calls to mind Essaouira. The Ex-Mogador with its whitewashed walls and the shiny blue painted windows of its houses. An ancient Portuguese port with French architecture reminding of Saint Malo’s town in France. A white pearl polished by the wind, the city’s lord, Essaouira is famous by silver jewellery, inlaid work of Thuya’s wood and World Music Festival (especially Gnaouas music). If you are seeking universal peace, eternity and harmony of senses, The Basmane is your destination.

Fez Lounge

The Fez lounge has a capacity of 30 persons, with its beautiful mosaic of various colours and its finely carved plaster ceiling, it evokes Fez, the city of Sufism and spirituality and the first oriental town in Morocco. Through centuries, this well known city has been enriched by the know-how of the Andalusian and Tunisian artisans and those from nearby countries, different fields like handicraft, tissue commerce, building and gardening and now, it is classified as universal human heritage by UNESCO. A Moorish nostalgia, mysticism, witness of past splendor, live culinary art in his most spiritual expression at the Basmane!!